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"Close to the Ocean" Teaser Video

Coming Spring 2019 | Written, Directed, Produced, and Shot by Angelica Bianca Jimenez.

Abby, an angsty 17 year-old, has recently lost her mother. After she and her father are forced to move from the North Fork on Long Island to Brooklyn she resents her once pal, Jason, her father. Abby befriends an unusual Brooklynite, Gill, while searching for solace among the city's madness. Abby goes on an unplanned venture to find out what she's been looking for has been there all along. Learn about the Cast & Crew here!

"Go Back" December 2016

Directed, Written, and Edited by Angelica Bianca Jimenez

When 24 year old Devan looses her fiance to suicide she is forced to move back to her home town. Will this new home give her the ability to escape the memories and thoughts of what could have been? Staring Taylor Thomson, Allesondra Helwig, and Jason LaPenta. Director of Photography Magdalynn Nowotarski.

The Shave Cave | Commercial August 2016

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Angelica Bianca Jimenez.

 A dialogue-free 30 second commercial for The Shave Cave, a modern barber shop in St Petersburg, FL. 

"Wasteland" July 2016

Created, Directed, Produced, Shot, and Edited by Angelica Bianca Jimenez.

A troubled girl who is finding life difficult to bear walks through her day. Seeming out of place, she ventures the city and contemplates life. She is on the edge of breaking down, will she find herself in the smog or loose herself forever? Staring Karlie Pinder.

"Return" November 2015

Created, Directed, Produced, Shot, and Edited by Angelica Bianca Jimenez.

Bayou the dog loves to play with her human mom. Her mom must leave for work, leaving Bayou in a state of boredom. Bayou is tested with an escape. Will Bayou find her way home or will she want to stay outside in freedom and never return?

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