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Volunteer building latrines. Guatemala 2013.
Angelica Bianca Jimenez
a visual creator

Angelica discovered her love for visual and performance arts at a very young age, starting dance class at the age of two and art/pastel class at the age of seven. Throughout high school Angelica participated in Thespians where she and her troupe won many regional and state awards. In 2015 Angelica graduated with an Associates Degree from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts 2-year acting conservatory program in New York City. Since then, Angelica has continued her education at St John's University in Queens, NY where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Film Production in May 2017. Angelica has created, directed, and edited many of her own works such as Wasteland, Go Back, and a Shave Cave commercial, as well as being a Production Assistant for season one of the Netflix comedy, The Who Was Show and season one of Wonderama TV. Angelica is currently working on the post production for Close to the Ocean, a short film which she wrote, directed, and edited. She will continue to pursue a career in television and film, specifically in directing, acting, and screenwriting. Angelica has lived in Margate, NJ, Las Vegas, NV, Mystic, CT, St Petersburg, FL, and New York, NY in her 22 years. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

In addition to the arts, Angelica also has a huge passion for human rights, animal rights, environmental protection, and overall philanthropy. Angelica has volunteered from a young age. During her  at St John's, she held the position of President of The Animal Rights Association at SJU, where she worked with other board members to create events and meetings which educated the student body on animal welfare and how to live as cruelty free as possible. Angelica has grown this school organization greatly since being the Vice President in 2015 and the President 2016-2017 and also created the organizations new logo. The Animal Rights Association also works closely with the Earth Club on campus, where Angelica is also passionate about learning how to create a "greener" planet for not only humans but also the animals and all environments on Earth. 

In her free time Angelica enjoys bike riding, singing, yoga, painting, and connecting with others. She loves traveling and exploring New York, or anywhere else on the Earth she finds herself. Angelica is neither a city nor a country girl; she enjoys the hustle and bustle as well as serene nature. Seeing new places and experiencing their customs, people, architecture (or lack there of), and energy fuels Angelica's creative self. 

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